AFF Incubation Program: Empowering Innovation in the eNaira Ecosystem

AFF Incubation Program: Empowering Innovation in the eNaira Ecosystem

INTRODUCTION: Cultivating eNaira Solutions

The AFF Incubation Program is a launchpad designed to propel aspiring startups towards success. We offer a supportive environment where budding businesses can flourish through access to free or low-cost workspace, mentorship from industry veterans, specialized expertise, and connections with potential investors. The 2023 program focused on nurturing the top ten winners of the 2024 eNaira Hackathon, a competition designed to spark creative solutions leveraging Nigeria’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The eNaira Hackathon challenged participants to develop innovative applications that would broaden the reach and utility of the eNaira.

The 16-week program provided a comprehensive learning experience for the ten participating startups. The curriculum included courses on topics like business development, marketing, fundraising, and product development. Renowned trainers guided participants through these critical areas, equipping them with the tools they need to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape. Beyond the core curriculum, the program offered workshops on design thinking, user experience (UX) optimization, and legal considerations for startups.

Meet the Changemakers

The 2023 cohort produced a diverse range of impressive startups:

      • RAMPTECH aimed to expand the functionalities of the eNaira Speedwallet, enabling a wider range of financial transactions, potentially including bill payments, investments, and international transfers. Their solution could streamline financial processes for individuals and businesses alike.
      • BLINK NETWORK proposed using eNaira as a platform for seamless interbank transfers. This innovation could significantly reduce transaction times and costs associated with traditional interbank transfers, fostering greater financial inclusion and efficiency within the Nigerian economy.
      • MOREHEALTH envisioned integrating eNaira as a convenient payment solution for their healthcare products and services. This integration could not only simplify transactions for patients but also open doors for telemedicine and remote healthcare services, particularly in underserved communities.
      • ShopWallet created a user-friendly shopping application that utilizes eNaira for secure purchases. Their focus on ease of use could be instrumental in encouraging wider adoption of eNaira for everyday transactions.
      • STEMLAB focused on bridging the financial inclusion gap by developing a system that empowers individuals in rural communities to access financial services using eNaira. Their solution could address a critical challenge in Nigeria’s financial landscape, bringing essential financial services to those who have previously been excluded.
      • THE TRACKPAY TEAM designed an application facilitating payments, loans, and financial management using eNaira. This comprehensive solution could empower users to take control of their finances, promoting financial literacy and responsible money management practices.
      • ENHOOK built a USSD and mobile web application that grants unbanked individuals access to financial products and services through their eNaira wallets. By leveraging USSD technology, ENHOOK’s solution could reach a wider audience who may not have access to smartphones or internet connectivity.
      • YAADA created a peer-to-peer payment solution allowing the unbanked to receive payments and make purchases using USSD codes within their eNaira wallets. This innovation has the potential to revolutionize financial transactions for the unbanked population, fostering greater financial inclusion and participation in the digital economy.
      • RELIEF CASH developed a solution enabling the financially excluded to utilize eNaira wallets for generating credit, debit, and loan tokens for transactions with merchants. This system could provide much-needed access to microloans and financial services for those who may not qualify for traditional banking products.

Demo Day Showcase

The program culminated in a highly anticipated Demo Day. After intensive training and mentorship sessions, participants honed their pitching skills to present their innovative solutions to a panel of investors and representatives from Nigeria’s vibrant fintech ecosystem. This event served as a significant milestone, showcasing the remarkable progress made by the startups throughout the program.

We are incredibly proud of the achievements of all participating teams. The Demo Day highlighted the groundbreaking ideas and dedication displayed by this talented cohort of entrepreneurs. Each team delivered compelling pitches, reflecting their entrepreneurial spirit and creative problem-solving abilities. Their participation with AFF and CBN yielded substantial benefits, including mentorship, access to valuable resources, training programs, capacity building initiatives, and increased market visibility.

The esteemed panel of judges carefully evaluated the investor-ready companies, ultimately selecting the top three winners: MORE HEALTH, YAADA, and SHOP WALLET. These winning startups received prize money of 2 million naira, 1.5 million naira, and 1 million naira respectively.

Beyond Incubation: Enduring Support

Our commitment to fostering a thriving startup ecosystem extends far beyond the incubation program. We provide ongoing mentorship and support to all the startups within our network, connecting them with potential investors, industry experts, and collaborators. We also host networking events and workshops to help them navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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