About Us

Who We Are

Africa Fintech Foundry (AFF) aims to nurture and accelerate the growth of Fintech startups in Africa thus fast-tracking their growth and maturity to deliver relevant solutions to the market, providing greater access to financial services to the financial excluded across the continent.

To enable emerging digital technology innovators on the continent meet and exceed their potential for the commercial benefit of our stakeholders.
To bring innovative digital financial services originated by Africans, to the world; and to bring the world to Africa through digital innovation.

Our Team

Daniel Awe

Head, AFF

Daniel, Dan-Baba as he is fondly called, wears the Numero-Uno hat at the Foundry. He has gathered a wealth of experience, a bit shy of two decades, in the Payment Space. He is equipped with a wealth of experience around Leadership, Management, Strategy, CX Transformation, Design Thinking, Enterprise Capability and a unique forte to identify and nurture innovative opportunities.

Afolabi Laditi

Integrations & Digital Capabilities

Afolabi has worn so many hats in his career; Product Development, Business Process Improvement, Digital Strategy & Innovation and Project Management. He has the ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and navigates very complex challenges.

Seyi Balogun


Seyi has vast experience in Project management, Business Analysis, Startups Acceleration, Innovation and Operations Management. Her passion, diligence  and dedication for work  is inspiring and a great motivator to the rest of the team. In case you have an event, and you need an event manager or a food plug, Seyi is your go-to!

Omolola Tunde-Alade


Omolola is a seasoned product manager with over 8 years experience in the digital banking space within the product development & management space.

Our Process

AFF seeks to shore up the business capacity of startups, support business development, and facilitate access to capital, markets, customers and global innovation partners.

Financial solution providers in the global financial services sector are facing stiffer competition from new players in the financial technology (FinTech) space. Emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, P2P payments and lending, Robo-advisory, and Crowdfunding are disrupting traditional business models. The need to digitally transform and innovate in a customer-centric and engaging manner has never been more important to traditional financial service providers than now.

The AFF’s Innovation Lab holds regular ideation sprints to formulate and frame the future. Affiliates and members are invited to participate in our brainstorms and idea generation sessions.

At our hackathons, we harness the creativity and talent of a large community of developers and experts to propose problems to be solved and presented as working prototypes.

The Accelerator program admits six (6) technology start-ups a year and connects them to Investors. You can steer the conversation to start-ups aligned with your corporate strategy.

Be the Next Unicorn

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